sucanat spoonSweet, with hints of caramel or molasses, sucanat is a complexly flavored sugar.

sucanat sugar caneSucanat stands for Sugar Cane Natural. It is made from dehydrated cane juice and as such is in its most natural state. Sucanat is sweet but with a slightly less sucrose content that its refined counterparts. It is also slightly more nutrient dense, with more vitamins and minerals like iron, potassium, and vitamin B6. However, the truth be told the nutrient count in any kind of sugar is truly negligible. The thing that makes sucanat the most attractive to me is the lack of processing and refining. The occasional use of sugar in baking and other culinary endeavors feels more wholesome when using minimally processed and sustainable options.

sucanatFrom a culinary perspective, sucanat can be used as a replacement for white and brown sugars. It has a more complex flavor, with the natural hints of caramel and molasses so it influences the flavor of whatever it has been added to.

From a health perspective, well, it’s sugar. Historically, sugar was a precious commodity so when something was baked with sugar it was only an occasional treat reserved for special occasions. I imagine it was really quite a treat when it wasn’t readily available as an ingredient in almost every manufactured food item, both savory and sweet. Because it is so prevalent in the typical diet, sugar is really something that should be avoided, however, if it is something that you only consume upon occasion, then it could be worth getting your hands on some unrefined sucanat and giving it a try.