red leicester cheeseFirm in texture, cheesy and nutty, Leicester cheese is one of my new favorite cheeses.

Leicester, also known as Red Leicester because of its rich orange color, is named after the city of Leicester in Leicesterhsire, England. It is made in a similar style to cheddar and has a similar flavor although a little nuttier, in my opinion. Traditionally, red Leicester derived its color from added beetroot or carrot juice, however, today annatto is the typical coloring agent.

redleicester toastieFrom a culinary perspective, red Leicester cheese is mildly flavored with a firm texture. It crumbles and melts easily and is easily used anywhere other cheeses of similar texture, such as Jack and Cheddar.

From a health perspective, cheese is often seen as an indulgence to be avoided by the health conscious; however, it has its benefits (if it’s real cheese and not cheese product). Cheese is a good source of protein, calcium, Vitamin B12, and if it’s from grass fed cows, it contains even more good stuff. If it’s from heritage breed cows then it has the added power of the A2 casein molecule, which has a variety of health benefits. Cheese is umami and satisfies the palate. Research suggests it also helps regulate blood sugar.
One caveat; if you’re going to eat it make sure it is full fat and naturally processed so you are really getting the benefit of the cheese without the contamination of additives and chemical processing.

Try a red leicester toatie and some yummy tomato soup.... (: