Sweet and juicy with a pleasantly plump squishiness the refreshes the palate, I can see why kiwi berries are called baby kiwis.

kiwi berryThey are related to the larger kiwi, however the kiwi berry can be eaten whole without peeling or worrying about seeds. In fact, from just an eating perspective they have a mouthfeel quite similar to a grape. Kiwi berries (actunidia arguta) are native to Northern climates and do quite well in an environment with varying temperatures, this is one reason they are referred to as Hardy Kiwi. They are making their way to market now with a season that typically lasts September through November.

From a culinary perspective, Kiwi berries are seriously juicy and delicious, which makes them a great option for just munching as is. They are great anywhere their larger relative is used, salads, smoothies, desserts, dressings, really anywhere a sweeter fruit like kiwi would work.

kiwiberryFrom a health perspective, kiwi berries are, you guessed it, an amazing source of nutrient density. They have five times as much vitamin C as an orange. They are rich in Vitamin A, B, and E, with 60% more vitamin E than a serving of avocado. They are an excellent source of minerals like potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron.
They have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine kiwi berries are used for issues of digestion, systemic inflammation, and kidney and urinary tract problems. They are also used to correct systemic imbalances that contribute to various kinds of cancer. Research has, in the past few years, begun to support claims made for their beneficial impact. Studies show that a combination of chemical compounds found in the kiwi family, and in higher degree in the kiwi berry, generate an impact similar to other berries and “super” fruits, when it comes to influencing cellular health. To be specific, these particular compounds support the healthy cells, helping them grow even stronger, and cause the mutated cells to blow themselves up (a process known as apoptosis). Kiwi berries also aid in gastrointestinal health, calming inflamed tissue in the intestinal tract and contributing to its potential to heal and renew.

I found kiwi berries to be altogether delicious and delightful; a refreshing snack for a warm autumn day.