Although bone broth is a clear broth, it has a rich and almost creamy mouth feel with a hint of umami.

bone stockFrom the first sip, it satisfies both my body and my spirit. Chicken broth has long been a part of many folk remedies and the main go to for feeling under the weather. Throughout time in almost every culture, there is reference to the healing quality of good bone broth. Science now validates the claims with empirical data that shows that the gelatin and mineral content in bone broths absolutely provides the body with the necessary components for self-repair. Today’s bone broth was made from a heritage, pasture raised, slow growth chicken and several feet, necks, and backs. It sounds crazy to have specially seek out a chicken that led a normal life and even pay more for it but the truth is that’s what modern day animal practices have led us to. Most, if not all, conventional chickens have been bred to have the highest quantity of breast meat and fat, which has decreased the length of their legs and wings significantly. This change has increased their bulk so much that it makes it almost impossible for them to actually walk around or move in any significant way. The bones and cartilage from a “heritage” chicken were twice the length and amount as that of a conventional chicken. So, if you want the healthiest broth for you and for the planet, invest and get the chicken that got to actually be a chicken.

Chicken bonebrothFrom a culinary perspective, chicken broth is rich and complex, so it makes a really delicious base to any number of culinary endeavors; not to mention a tasty treat all by itself in a mug full. One of my favorite ways to enjoy bone broth is as breakfast, heating it slowly on the stove, then dropping two eggs into it, slowly stirring to blend the whites without breaking the yolks. Then once I am ready to eat it, I stir the yolks in quickly and it provides an even creamier broth. Super delicious!

From a health perspective, I just can’t rave enough about the health benefits of a good bone broth. Of course, the nutrient density will vary from batch to batch depending on the quality of your ingredients. Again, because you are making a food that will really permeate all of your cells and tissues it is worth going the little extra and making a good quality base from organic or sustainably raised chickens. The recipe that I’m sharing actually ends up making several quarts, so you will have an amount to stockpile that will make it just that much more worth the investment.
Currently, studies are demonstrating that just a cup of broth a day, whether on its own or as a base to some meal has a significant impact on skin disorders, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, digestive disorders; including crohn’s disease and IBS. It reduces systemic inflammation quite dramatically and improves immune function. So, yes, chicken soup really does cure what ails you...but only if it’s quality soul nourishing chicken bone soup.

Recipe: Nourishing Chicken Bone Broth