Sweet, savory, with a little bit of zing from ginger and a little bit of salt from the seaweed, mineral broth is definitely an experience of “umami”.

mineralbrothIt’s also deeply nourishing. From time immemorial for cultures all around the world, soups and broths have been part of a foundation of nourishment, nutrition, and even social structure. Soups are a way to make ingredients go further for a frugal kitchen and also a way to whip up some health infusing remedies.

This particular mineral broth brings together all the goodness of mineral dense vegetables, herbs and spices. Squash, sweet potatoes, celery, juniper, kombu, and more, all slow simmering to bring their anti-inflammatory, immune boosting properties to fruition in the soup pot.

MineralbrothingredientsFrom a culinary perspective, I make up a batch of mineral broth a couple of times a year and then either can it or freeze it so I have it on hand. It is a good flavor dense base to soups, stews, sauces, and even as a base for grains. When I’m feeling like a need a little extra nourishment, I will just sip a cup as a remedy for whatever is ailing me.

From a health perspective, this particular mineral broth is packed with all the building blocks for cellular health. You’ll notice if you check out the recipe, that there are no nightshades or high histamine ingredients. This means your body can just soak up the natural goodness without worry of being triggered or further inflamed; even if you don’t have trouble with histamines or nightshades, it can be good to just give your body a rest. This is a perfect broth for someone suffering from cold and flu, or someone needing to be on an elimination diet. It’s also a deeply nourishing broth for stress. The recipe is here and I highly recommend giving it a try.