A flaky, heavy textured white fish, almost sweet; Atlantic Cod is a mild and delicious fish.

codsamphireToday’s Cod was straight from the Atlantic Ocean this morning, steamed and served up with a very simple white wine, butter sauce. Served on a bed of asparagus and samphire, it doesn’t get better than this.

This particular Cod was harvested out of the Dale peninsula in Wales, just at the mouth of the Milford Haven Estuary.  Part of the daily catch for the Griffin Pub, it was then expertly prepared by Chef Simon, to make its ultimate end as a welcome feature on my dinner plate. 

From a culinary perspective, Cod is a relatively popular fish. It’s mild flavor and dense, flaky meat makes it an exceptional choice for the ever popular ‘fish and chips’ and also for a variety of other simple fish dishes.  Deep fried, steamed, baked, served in stew, soup, or even fish pie, Cod is an exceptionally simple ingredient.

 From a health perspective, Cod is an amazing source of complete protein. It is also an excellent source of Vitamins B12, B6, and B3. It’s also a super resource for minerals like selenium and iodine. It’s a great option for Omega 3 intake which helps decrease a wide variety of ailments. Research indicates that eating just 10 oz of omega 3 rich fish can help decrease heart disease and triglycerides. Studies show an increase in heart rate variability and muscular tone and demonstrate that eating the appropriate amount of Omega rich fish can add to mental, physical and even emotional balance.

Do you avoid eating fish because it smells and tastes a little bit too much like fish? That means it's not especially fresh. Fresh fish smells and tastes of the ocean or fresh water that it came from. It only begins to smell fishy after the bacteria and enzymes begin breaking down into something called trimethyline (TMA).