Flaky and dense, with the subtle flavor of the sea; Hake turns out to be quite a delicious fish.

HakesamphireI have to admit it is one that I have avoided trying because of the name, which may not make sense to some of you but to others it will resonate completely (apparently it’s a ‘girl thing’...you can read more here).  Anyway, back to Hake, which I am now a very huge fan of.  Hake is a white fish, in the same family as Cod and Haddock, found in the ocean depths around Europe and America. In the U.S. Hake is sometimes referred to as Ling or Ling Cod, a point which I had no idea of until this particular tasting adventure.

Today’s meeting with Hake comes straight from the table of a Bohemian Mojo adventure. (you can read more about that here). This particular piece of Hake, which I must admit wasn’t on my plate, so many thanks to Alun for sharing, was taken from the sea that very morning and delivered up steamed with minimal distraction, so the fresh flavor of the sea was subtly obvious and a welcome surprise. Fish when fresh from the sea does not have that cloying ‘fishy’ flavor, which is a sign that it’s been on land too long. The texture was firm and flaky, which is definitely the texture I prefer in fish. 

From a culinary perspective, Hake is a versatile fish. It’s subtle flavor but hardier texture make it a good choice for more challenging culinary adventures but it also is delicious simply served with minimal taste distraction.


Nutritionally, there has been little research about the health benefits of white fish as opposed to salmon and smaller, cold water fish. It is acknowledged that white fish due contain Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients similar to their Salmon cousins but specific research is sparse.  However, recently two studies on Hake specifically revealed that frequent consumption of hake improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces weight. A secondary study reveals that frequent consumption of hake improves blood pressure, reduces weight and decreases LDL-Cholesterol levels.