Creamy, salty, sweet, and slightly pungent; Simon Weaver’s organic Cotswold Brie is scrumptious. 

applebrieIt pairs well with an organic braeburn apple and also some artisan spelt flatbread. Today’s flavor comes straight from my snack bag filled with goodies from Purton Farm Shop, (one of my absolutel favorite places to visit when I'm in the area) while I wait for my plane. Simon Weaver’s Cotswold Brie comes from the milk produced by Kirkham Farms Fresian cows. They spend their days ranging the landscape feeding on organic grassland. The cheese is fresh, simple, delicious with just enough complexity and Simon Weaver reminds us that flavor is influenced by season and terroir so nuances will change from time to time. This cheese is perfect for the occasion.

In general, brie is a soft white cheese made from cow’s milk (unless otherwise noted). It gets its name from the region in France where it originated. The SW Cotswold Brie is artisan style made with simple ingredients and old world craftsmanship.  Brie is a good source of protein and vitamins and minerals. Eating the rind as well as the inside creamy stuff gives you a good dose of Vitamin B1, B12, and B7 as well as some zinc to help boost immune function. There’s also some Vitamin A, D, and K2 which is a very important nutrient for heart health and bone density. The bacteria in Brie are also a healthy addition to your digestive flora and fauna and contribute to gut balance.  So other than the obvious reasons like allergy, adding some delicious Brie to your dietary repertoire could be good and good for you. Today it was a lovely and welcome addition to my airport picnic.