Luscious, sweet and amazing treat for the palate. 

strawberrynociollataI realize it’s too early for strawberries and I’d prefer to stay in season but I enjoyed some strawberries today that were just too delicious to ignore. Maybe it’s because spring was really setting in and the day was sunny and warm, filled with birdsong and busy bees; either way, these strawberries were divine.

Strawberries, believe it or not, are not technically a berry. They are considered an “aggregate fruit” which is a little complicated to explain in this short post, but doesn’t take away from their flavor potential one iota. The strawberry is sort of a commonplace and well known addition found in many kitchens. It could be easy to take it for granted if one wasn’t paying attention; however, really it’s an amazing resource for your health and your palate.

I find that wild strawberries taste the most delicious. They are tiny and packed with flavor. It’s also my experience that the larger the strawberry the more bland the taste; the large ones typically being the ones that are grown out of season and conventionally hybridized.  Smaller strawberries in season are the way to go whenever possible. Also, keep in mind that strawberries are one of the foods that you want to be sure are organic. Conventional strawberries are grown with an inordinate amount of pesticides that are better left out of your house and out of your body.

From a health perspective, strawberries are jam packed with vitamin C, A, and E. They are also an amazing source of antioxidants and phytonutrients that help with balancing blood sugar, inhibiting oxidative stress, and decreasing systemic inflammation.  There is some pretty cool research out there demonstrating that strawberries are a great source of copper and help with red blood cell health.

My favorite way to eat strawberries is fresh and full, preferably right from the plant.... and then dipped in nocciolata (the healthier and much more delicious version of nutella)...or just fresh and full while enjoying the sunshine.