Pea Sprouts are fresh and green. They have a hint of summer fresh mown grass and they are earthy and slightly sweet as a back note. Delicious and refreshing.

peassproutsyumToday’s flavor comes straight from the plate in the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth, Cornwall, where Kenneth Graham wrote much of Wind in the Willows. The setting is sublime, staring out into the harbor, savoring my meal and imagining the creative minds who have graced this location.

Pea sprouts are a really great addition to any meal that is in need of the green vitality of nature. They are an interesting addition to sweet and savory dishes alike.

Toss them on a salad, throw them in a stir fry, even add them to dessert. Pea Sprouts on a custard are amazing.

From a health perspective, pea sprouts are packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They are also, as a microgreen, filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants. Research shows that they have 7 times the amount of Vitamin C and A as a cup of blueberries and are an amazing addition to your heart health repertoire. Pea shoots are also a great anti-inflammatory and detoxifier at the cellular level. Research demonstrates that pea shoots are also a great intervention for insulin resistance and help with glucose balance in the fight against diabetes.

And now back to Toad, Badger, Mole, and of course, Ratty. (: