Today’s flavor comes straight from the Stroud Farmer’s Market and Hill End Farm in Brinkworth. 

brinkworthbluecheeseCreamy, pungent, earthy and slight hit of sweet that comes from the cream, Brinkworth Blue cheese is amazingly delicious. It happens to go amazingly well with a slice of 9 seed bread from the Artisan Bakery.

Brinkworth Blue Cheese is handmade on a family farm in Brinkworth, Wiltshire, U.K. It’s described as a medium strength, creamy blue cheese from Friesian cows. (I am now on a mission to find a blue from a Jersey or Guernsey to see if I can tell the difference).

Blue cheese is created by adding the mold Penicillium to fermenting cheese so that it creates a blue, green or gray vein of mold through the cheese. Sounds a bit off putting when you read about it but trust me, it’s absolutely delicious on your plate.

I love blue cheese on its own or as a side with a nice savory game, like venison or wild boar. It also is amazing with bolder vegetables, like broccoli or kale.

From a health perspective, blue cheese is actually a very heart healthy food. Research demonstrates that blue cheese in particular has a very anti-inflammatory impact, so it helps relieve oxidative stress, systemic inflammation and increases cardiovascular health.  Side note and total bonus: The research also indicates that pairing the blue cheese with a good red wine increases the heart healthy potential and the yum factor incrementally. I’m sure it’s all about moderation but really, could there be a better pairing for your health? (:

Chances of finding a Brinkworth Blue in the area outside of Wiltshire, U.K. are slim but I would venture to guess if you wanted to go on an adventure in your area you would more than likely find a comparable blue that would excite your palate and enhance your overall well-being.