Another flavor from my breakfast bowl; oak barrel smoked mackerel, small batch, sustainable, artisan. 

oakbarrelsmokeIt tastes salty, smoky, earthy, pungent but most of all fishy. Smoked mackerel, kippers, sardines, they’re all foods that I really want to love or at the very least like because they’re so darn good for you. Unfortunately, it’s a tough one. Today’s smoked mackerel is a little more palatable because it’s traditionally smoked, which gives it a much better texture, in my opinion and it feels good to eat something that is sustainably and consciously made. I’ve paired this mackerel with some eggs and fresh spinach, which makes a nice combination.


So, what’s the catch? (pun intended) well, you want to be sure you’re eating fish that is wild and sustainably caught. Farmed fish are much higher in Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPS) and they are often quite stressed out. These two factors change the nutrient potential of fish and actually end up adding to systemic inflammation and other health issues rather than helping in the fight against. Keep in mind also, the larger the fish the higher the toxin potential. These smaller in size, wild caught mackerel are a good option for your health and the health of the planet. Mackerel is a cold water, oily fish that is packed with Omega 3 fatty acid.  Omega 3 fatty acids are highly beneficial for your brain and body. They help maintain cardiovascular health and increase cognitive function. They decrease systemic inflammation and oxidative stress. Research suggests they are also a beneficial addition to your diet if you are suffering from gastrointestinal issues, like IBS or Crohn’s Disease. The typical westernized diet is highly deficient in Omega 3’s and many people can benefit from increasing their intake. I’m always a proponent of getting what you need from your food rather than from supplements and smoked mackerel is one way to do that. Research suggests that about three servings of fish high in Omega 3’s a week is a good plan.