"I love the way soft white cheese such as ricotta or the creamier mascarpone reflect the milieu in which an animal has been raised." ~ Y.Ottolenghi

moremascarponeyumMascarpone is considered a cheese; an Italian cream cheese to be more specific, however, technically it’s curdled cream. It has a smooth and creamy mouth-feel and a sweet, slightly tangy flavor. It’s lighter and smoother than cream cheese and goes well in a variety of dishes. Mascarpone can sweeten a dessert without actually adding sugar or other sweeteners. A simple example is combining figs, with mascarpone and touch of balsamic vinegar. Quick, easy and delicious! It hits all the flavor notes and delights your palate. If you're familiar with Tiramisu then you're also familiar with mascarpone cheese. 

The health benefits in mascarpone cheese are dependent completely on the quality of the cream used. Heritage cow cream and a naturally derived citric or acetic acid (lemon juice or apple cider vinegar) would have the most beneficial qualities; all the benefits of quality milk.