"Man is not what he eats, he is what he digests..."

arugulayumThe flavor for the day comes straight from my breakfast bowl. Arugula, also known as rocket, is in the Brassicaceae family.  Like its relatives, it is an awesome digestive bitter and adds well to many a culinary endeavor. I eat arugula almost every day in some form or another. Whether I am topping it with eggs for breakfast or adding it to my airplane meal (: ...it’s an awesome go to for flavor and nutrients. 

Arugula like all other foods is different depending on terroir and type. Wild arugula tends to taste more peppery and spicy. It’s my favorite. While, more conventionally grown arugula tends to become more bitter, the more mature the leaves are but it can also have a sweet, grassy backnote to it.

Today’s arugula was young and wild; a peppery, spicy addition to my soft-boiled eggs and avocado.

You can also make a pretty awesome arugula pesto by following traditional pesto recipe but mixing the basil with some arugula and even spinach.

From a medicinal perspective, like its Brassicaceae cousins, Arugula has many health benefits (as do really all plants and real foods).  Its bitter nature makes it an awesome digestive. It is packed with vitamins A and K to name just two of many. It contains Sulforaphane, which research is demonstrating has some pretty amazing cancer fighting qualities; sulforaphane inhibits development of enzymes that contribute to the progression and spread of cancer, most notably colon, skin, and prostate cancers.  The Vitamin K is great for preventing Osteoporosis and the Alpha Lipoic Acid helps manage blood glucose levels and decrease oxidative stress. All around good stuff going on in a handful of rocket!