“Walnuts can be eaten raw, as they are, or toast to bring out more of their flavor”...



Walnuts are getting more and more critical acclaim. They are high in Omega 3 fatty acid sand also in copper and manganese. Not to mention they are a good source of fiber and help balance blood sugar with their lower glycemic load. Just 1/4 cup a day can work wonders for your brain and body. 


Walnuts can taste bitter and have a bit of a bite to them, especially if the lining or “skin” is on them, or they can be sweeter, with an almost creamy, vanilla backnote. I find them also earthy and slightly acidic; this comes from the tannins and phytic acid.  Walnuts are packed with flavonoids and other nutrients, which makes them exceptionally good for you.


From a culinary perspective, walnuts are delicious in both sweet and savory dishes. Although, I think most people think of them as something to add to the sweet side. I toss them in yogurt for breakfast or sprinkle them on salads. I also love to add them to baked goods; cookies, breads and cakes. They are an excellent addition to entrees as well. They can even be a mainstay in vegetarian dishes like walnut lentil patties; which are delicious and protein packed. Today’s idea for walnut’s as the flavor for the day came from sampling pickled walnuts. That’s right, pickled walnuts! The jury is still out on what I really think about them but it was worth the bold try. (:


From a health perspective, as I noted, walnuts are amazing brain food. Research suggests that consuming just ¼ c a day can decrease oxidative stress and help preserve telomeres length. Telomeres are the protective coating on the end of each DNA strand. They protect your DNA structure and help preserve health and well-being; protecting against things like depression and ailments related to premature aging.


Walnuts are also great protection against systemic inflammation, which can lead to cardiovascular issues and cellular aberrations. Next time you need a snack, you’d be well suited to grab a handful of walnuts.