"It's fine...it's all fine (shrug)... "

Alun rees


My name is Alun Rees and it has been my singular pleasure to be the Bohemian MoJo’s native guide on their visits to the UK.

My background is in journalism and writing and I am a patriotic native of the tiny country of Wales; hence the unusual spelling of my name. 

For more than thirty years I have been based in Marlborough, Wiltshire, where I raised my children.  I’ve got three of them – Harry an Oxford classicist and publisher, Alice an English graduate and Morgan who is a newly qualified artisan blacksmith.

As well as a wonderful family Wiltshire has given me community and I have grown to love its chalk landscape with a passion.  I get immense pleasure in working my two gundogs Echo and Jay on local shoots and my home is a cottage on the banks of a gin clear trout stream. Idyllic.

 But Wiltshire is also Stone Circle central. It is home to the World Heritage Sites of Stonehenge and Avebury but the whole county is thick with ancient burial mounds and standing stones.

No surprise then that my passion is the prehistory of Britain and the mysterious 4000 year old constructs of the Neolithic period and Bronze Age.

So that’s my background.  And then I was introduced to Bohemian MoJo....