Two rivers drain into Swansea Bay, the Tawe and the Nedd, and for several years there have been dreams to build a tidal lagoon between them  on Dylan Thomas’ ‘long and splendid curving shore.’

The original plan envisaged a huge nine kilometre wall build with sand-filled, synthetic bags, faced with stone and a series of turbines to generate power embedded into it.  Oyster beds and yacht clubs were planned within its span and it would have served as a prototype that could be replicated on many sites around the British coast. 

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There are some stories that quite literally make you want to skulk off, bowed your head with collective guilt, and deny you’re part of the human race. This is such a story. It happened thirty-nine years ago a tragic sight confronted walkers on a beautiful Welsh beach within sight of the famous castle at Harlech. There, washed up dead on the strand was an awesome specimen of sea life – a huge Leatherback Turtle.

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Hurray! Bohemianmojo has a puppy. Nine-week-old Brig is a working Cocker Spaniel and like most pups she’s cute and adorable but also very naughty and time consuming. We’d forgotten just how much care and attention pups require but it all came flooding back, literally, in pools of pee and deposits of poo. Surely you know your world has shifted seismically when you reach out for some kitchen roll to clean up a wee and think it’s a triumph because you’re just in time to slip it under a tiny bottom to field a poo! Even describing dog excrement as ‘poo’ shows we’ve gone temporarily soft in the head when the foul stuff is the bane of public parks and streets.

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Understanding Organic

Have you ever had those moments where you just happen to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time?   My foray into the world of organics came at a time when I was just beginning to shift my whole prespective on health and wellness. I was in school full time and needed a job that would accomodate my school schedule. I just happened to land one with the State of California’s Dept of Health and Human Services. What would I be doing? Running the organic food desk. What’s an organic food desk? That’s what I asked too. 

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In a recent edition the UK’s New Scientist magazine posed a fundamental but politically and socially explosive question. Should we impose population controls on the human race? The article quotes the Malthusian warning of 1798 that growing population would inevitably see mankind eat its way through the planet’s finite resources condemning millions to famine.

Thomas Malthus’s prediction has indeed come to pass with increasing frequency, at least on a regional level, but by and large the population, now standing at 7 billion, has yet to exhaust the planet’s bounty. Of course that may not be the case by the end of the millennium when, all things being equal, we may have three or four billion more planetary compatriots.

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Be a Hero

Bohemian Mojo was created to inspire people to get interested in life affirming activities and adventures; to recognize that every day we as individuals have the ability to make choices, some small, some large, that will influence the world around us for better or for worse. In the wake of yet more terrorist activity and senseless killing, I am inundated with a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Sadness, frustration, anger, and even a certain amount of impotence. What to do? 

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Every day, twice a day, the broad sweep of Swansea Bay in South Wales presents a different face to the world. When the tide is high waves lap along its the three-mile promenade. When it ebbs a vast expanse of sand and mud stretches out half a mile to meet the line of the sea.

But the height of that tide, averaging twenty eight feet daily, is the reason a pioneering power company has chosen the area for a world’s first - the prototype of a giant lagoon to generate electricity from the awesome mechanical energy of the tide.

Swansea Bay has been a part of my life since I was a boy and I cherish memories of walks along its palm-lined promenade with my parents. The bay curves away from the entrance to the once bustling coal port of Swansea to the rocky headland of the Mumbles with its iconic Lifeboat station.

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