For over a decade medics and bacteriologists have been issuing dire warnings that science is losing the race with ever evolving bugs. Antibiotics, over prescribed to humans and overused in animal husbandry, will lose their efficacy sooner rather than later.
The result, they warn, will be that simple surgical procedures will become a life or death lottery against infection. Untreatable sepsis will become commonplace and millions will die.

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Be a Hero

Bohemian Mojo was created to inspire people to get interested in life affirming activities and adventures; to recognize that every day we as individuals have the ability to make choices, some small, some large, that will influence the world around us for better or for worse. In the wake of yet more terrorist activity and senseless killing, I am inundated with a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Sadness, frustration, anger, and even a certain amount of impotence. What to do? 

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Over the past three years Bohemianmojo has consistently argued the most prominent so-called sustainable solutions to the planet’s problems are not really sustainable at all. Rather, we believe, they are virtue signalling by big business, which has the resources and personnel to identify the next popular wave out in the set of trends and ride it.

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Is Your Embryo a GMO?

There are many things happening in the industrialized world that give one pause and inspire a deeper look at just what exactly humankind is evolving into. One thing I love about BohemianMojo, if I do say so myself, is our ability to look at many sides of a concept and connect the dots between the progressive possibilities and tried and true traditional wisdom.

This latest topic, however, is one that pulls at the very core of my being with little room to find positive outcome. Sadly, it’s also a topic that is sliding pretty much under the radar as the media chooses to focus your attention on other topics that may or may not be as impacting over the long term for humankind.

What could possibly be so dire, you ask?

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Rewilding Potterland

England’s Lake District is a magnificent landscape. Sharp edged mountains glower over fairy-tale dales and heather clad fells. It has enthralled some of the country’s greatest poets, painters and writers for centuries.The dales are dotted with neat, stone farmsteads placed on a graph of pristine dry-stone walls enclosing small home pastures.

They contain a unique community of shepherding and hill farming folk. The fells and mountainsides above provide grazing for their traditional flocks of smoky grey Herdwick sheep. Beatrix Potter is the writer most associated with this special heritage so when Bohemian Mojo travelled to the Lake District a visit to her home at Hill Top seemed more than appropriate.

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Fasten your seat belts because motorists are heady for a roller coaster ride and whether you realise it or not; its already begun. Coming soon to a filling station forecourt near you - the Battle of the Batteries is about to ramp up as nations and international car makers start to consign the internal combustion engine to the history books.

Swedish carmaker Volvo announced that it will end production of internal combustion engines by 2020. France has announced it will ban all petrol and diesel engines from its roads by 2040.  Much smaller Norway hasn’t announced it yet but their aiming for 2025, the Netherlands too, and some German States are looking at 2030.

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Hurray! Bohemianmojo has a puppy. Nine-week-old Brig is a working Cocker Spaniel and like most pups she’s cute and adorable but also very naughty and time consuming. We’d forgotten just how much care and attention pups require but it all came flooding back, literally, in pools of pee and deposits of poo. Surely you know your world has shifted seismically when you reach out for some kitchen roll to clean up a wee and think it’s a triumph because you’re just in time to slip it under a tiny bottom to field a poo! Even describing dog excrement as ‘poo’ shows we’ve gone temporarily soft in the head when the foul stuff is the bane of public parks and streets.

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