Bohemian Mojo was created to inspire people to get interested in life affirming activities and adventures; to recognize that every day we as individuals have the ability to make choices, some small, some large, that will influence the world around us for better or for worse. In the wake of yet more terrorist activity and senseless killing, I am inundated with a multitude of emotions and thoughts. Sadness, frustration, anger, and even a certain amount of impotence. What to do? 

I know that I am not alone in these feelings. All around me I hear conversations steeped with emotion, questions, calls to action, calls for inaction. A chaotic din of confusing rhetoric stemming from the inability to make sense of or fully grasp the motivation behind these heinous acts of violence. Mostly, I hear beneath the words a deep sense of powerlessness. What do we do? How do we help? How do we stop this? 

I was born into a family of do-ers, of public servants. My father was a fire fighter, paramedic, fire chief and my mother was for a time the regional director for the American Red Cross. That coupled with years of Girl Scouting instilled in me a deep commitment and desire to not only help others but also to Be Prepared as much as possible for the events that life can throw at us. As such, I am pretty self sufficient and confident in my ability to handle emergency situations. I know that confidence and training can help eliminate collateral damage and save lives in any situation. Chances are you couldn't tell just by looking at me, with my goofy sense of humor and general lightheartedness, but if the need arises I can dress a wound, set a broken bone, fight off an attacker, build a fire, shoot a gun, forage for food, and any number of other skills required for safety and survival. 

And herein lies YOUR ability to take action in the midst of the current chaotic and senseless events that are occuring around the country and around the world. Be Prepared. Educate yourself. Learn basic first aid. Learn CPR. Learn how to escape and evade...and learn how to fight back, if need be. Governments around the world have released guidelines for how to behave in critical events. From the UK's guidance of Run, Hide, Tell to the US's Run, Hide, Fight, basic strategies are being offered to help you be proactive in the event of calamity. 

These are a great place to start but truly, you will want to know more. It's one thing to say Run, Hide,'s quite another to know how, when, and where when chaos erupts. Get your hands on some training resources, like "Be a Hero, The Essential Guide to Active Shooter events.  MojoMaker, Alun Rees has teamed up with former Special Air Service terror expert, John Geddes to create a resource for the everyday person in the event of a terrorist action. This book provides tips and tools to practive every day that will help you hone the skills that lead to increased survival for you and those around you in the event of an attack. 


Being prepared doesn't mean that you have to live in the shadow of doom, waiting for horrible things to happen. Being prepared means you can go confidently about your life, knowing that if need be you have skills to handle the random situations that present themselves. In addition to reading things like "Be a Hero", you can also participate in public initiatives like the Stop the Bleed campaign or FEMA's Community Emergency Response Team. If there are no public campaigns or initiatives in your area, you can consider starting your own. Meet with your neighbors to arrange a community first aid training or invite the fire department to come discuss emergency preparedness. There are things you can do. Do them.