At Bohemianmojo we make no bones at all about our intense dislike of wind turbines. From our viewpoint they’re noisy, ugly, expensive, bird-killing eyesores. We’ve also pointed out the disastrous environmental legacy that solar panels are going to leave behind when they have to be recycled.

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Battling the Time Bandits

If you are one of those people who ends the day with a sigh, an ever burgeoning to-do list, and a bewildering feeling that time has accelerated beyond your comprehension then this article is for you. It's all about TIME and why it flies. Some argue that time is simply a construct of the civilized world and ultimately has no influence on your general health or well-being. On the other hand there are those who argue that time is indeed accelerating as our planetary orbit shifts alignment with the Cosmos. Perhaps both theories are true, all I know is that lately time has become a MAJOR topic of conversation with clients, friends, and loved ones. 

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Understanding Organic

Have you ever had those moments where you just happen to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time?   My foray into the world of organics came at a time when I was just beginning to shift my whole prespective on health and wellness. I was in school full time and needed a job that would accomodate my school schedule. I just happened to land one with the State of California’s Dept of Health and Human Services. What would I be doing? Running the organic food desk. What’s an organic food desk? That’s what I asked too. 

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Is Your Embryo a GMO?

There are many things happening in the industrialized world that give one pause and inspire a deeper look at just what exactly humankind is evolving into. One thing I love about BohemianMojo, if I do say so myself, is our ability to look at many sides of a concept and connect the dots between the progressive possibilities and tried and true traditional wisdom.

This latest topic, however, is one that pulls at the very core of my being with little room to find positive outcome. Sadly, it’s also a topic that is sliding pretty much under the radar as the media chooses to focus your attention on other topics that may or may not be as impacting over the long term for humankind.

What could possibly be so dire, you ask?

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I think most people are aware honeybees are in trouble and, in the past, we’ve written about our hive nightmare – genetically modified bees. So we thought it was time to give readers an update on the many way bees are being tampered with. Pre-genetic engineering, back in the 1950’s and 60’s varieties of bees were crossbred in an attempt to increase honey yields and the introduction of African strains led to the creation of the notorious ‘killer bees.’ They have a dangerous sting and an extremely violent colony defence instinct and guess what thousands of them escaped from a research facility in Brazil You’d have thought we’d learnt our lesson back then but no, we’ve learnt nothing.

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In a recent edition the UK’s New Scientist magazine posed a fundamental but politically and socially explosive question. Should we impose population controls on the human race? The article quotes the Malthusian warning of 1798 that growing population would inevitably see mankind eat its way through the planet’s finite resources condemning millions to famine.

Thomas Malthus’s prediction has indeed come to pass with increasing frequency, at least on a regional level, but by and large the population, now standing at 7 billion, has yet to exhaust the planet’s bounty. Of course that may not be the case by the end of the millennium when, all things being equal, we may have three or four billion more planetary compatriots.

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Over the past three years Bohemianmojo has consistently argued the most prominent so-called sustainable solutions to the planet’s problems are not really sustainable at all. Rather, we believe, they are virtue signalling by big business, which has the resources and personnel to identify the next popular wave out in the set of trends and ride it.

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