Here’s the latest piece of trickery by Big Food. To get around consumer demands for labelling of GMO’s QR Secretary Vilsack, the Grocery Manuacturers Association and Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.) have come up with a neat fudge by proposing labelling of GMO’s is tucked away in a QR barcode. Why not go the whole hog and label our food in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics you guys?

The Organic Consumer's Association States: "We first wrote about U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s Big Idea for GMO labeling nearly a year ago. Then, the subject surfaced again, as Hershey's announced plans to use QR codes, and the Grocery Manufacturers Association launched its Big QR Code Plan.

barcode labelsThe idea is this: Allow companies, voluntarily, to use QR barcodes to tell consumers if their products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The scheme would require you to scan the product, then be directed to the company’s website where you’d have wade through the advertising  and search the fine print.  Of course, you’d have to have a smart phone. And plenty of time on your hands.  We didn’t like the plan then. We don’t like it now. And we’re not keen that it may show up soon in a Senate bill, that would preempt Vermont's GMO labeling law, set to take effect July 1. See more at: Demand Mandatory Labeling of GMOs--Not Voluntary Labeling or QR Codes!"