• At Bohemianmojo we like to celebrate magical connections to the past – what we like to call ‘smoke from the flames of history - as much as we feel our duty to cast a critical eye over current events and controversies be it in the environment or the world of food.  This week I’m going to reach back into my career as a journalist again to share what was probably one of the most awe-inspiring stories I have ever covered. On the face of it this is the tale of a man and one of his ancestors, but it truly represents a window into another world.

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • There comes a time when you have to take a stand for a cause; and protecting food heritage seems like a pretty good cause and now seems like a really excellent time. There’s a silent war being waged on traditional and heritage foods around the world, in fact, on all food that is sustainable and readily available at the community level.With backroom deals like the ‘regulatory convergence’ and other TTIP nightmares hanging around our heads, it’s a good idea to start paying attention and taking a stand.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Milk. Does it do a body good? Is it bad? Once again, as with all things health related, it's really not that cut and dried. If you’ve been told or you believe you have a dairy sensitivity or if you're just curious about the ins and outs of milk, this article is worth a read...The topic of whether or not milk is actually good for you can be a very confusing one. Some health gurus call it the perfect food and some vilify it. Who’s right? As with most things that are confusing, the question is much more involved than it appears. Here’s some quick and easy science-geek information to help you decide whether milk is right for your body or not.