• On first sight it could have been a graveyard in any number of peaceful English villages. Tall trees stood sentinel, planted to give summer shade for the neat rows of heads-stones on carefully mown lawns. Not England though but New England and the epitaphs on those tombstones in the small town of Hadley, Massachusetts, held the secrets of high drama played out on both sides of the Atlantic nearly three hundred years ago.

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • It seems appropriate to start the year off with a conversation about one of the biggest food concerns on the proverbial table.The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has been in the works since last year with discussions occurring under the radar and away from any chance for an open forum of thoughts and ideas.While the TTIP agreement has many facets, the one that is of most concern to Bohemian Mojo (and hopefully to every individual) is the call for a “regulatory convergence” where food production is concerned. If this agreement goes through unchallenged it will be potentially devastating to sustainable and heritage food all across the EU and US.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Two rivers drain into Swansea Bay, the Tawe and the Nedd, and for several years there have been dreams to build a tidal lagoon between them  on Dylan Thomas’ ‘long and splendid curving shore.’

    The original plan envisaged a huge nine kilometre wall build with sand-filled, synthetic bags, faced with stone and a series of turbines to generate power embedded into it.  Oyster beds and yacht clubs were planned within its span and it would have served as a prototype that could be replicated on many sites around the British coast.