• Bohemian Mojo has something to admit. We’re currently obsessed with a girl from the Scottish Highlands. She’s called Ava and she’s about 5’5’’ tall with the most amazing air of mystery about her.  Of course, it is almost impossible not to be mysterious when your remains are roughly 3,700 years old.

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • Food fight turns its attention to the Agri-Chem and seed giant Monsanto once again. It’s not another passage in the continuing controversy over their top seller glyphosate this time; although California has ordered that to be labelled carcinogenic.

    No, it’s another powerful herbicide produced by Monsanto and a couple of other companies like German leviathan BASF that’s been branded a villain this time. It’s called dicamba. This month two US states, Missouri and Arkansas, have banned dicamba after a mass of complaints about a problem called drift. Nice word drift, it conjures up visions of floating down a river on a dinghy or drifts of wild flowers in a mountain meadow.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • You might have been forgiven for dismissing the latest workplace technology as a gimmick but you’d have been wrong as the practice of micro-chipping workers is beginning to spread. A Grand Falls, Wisconsin company was first in the US to inject their 50 strong, work force with the rice grain, sized chips, ostensibly so they’re able to pass through security doors, log in to company computers and  access snacks from a vending machine. They were following the example of a Swedish firm, which chipped their workers for the same purpose.