• Always up for an adventure or a ramble down antiquity lane, I offered up a resounding “YES” when Alun asked if I’d be interested in wandering the downs in search of something called The Polissoir.  He explained it was a stone used for polishing and sharpening axes by Neolithic and Bronze Age people. This particular stone was situated somewhere on a part of the Wiltshire landscape called Fyfield Down, exact location unknown. We would get to walk along part of the Ridgeway and then search the designated field for the Polissoir.

    Yes, yes, and more yes….so off we set.

FOOD FIGHT!! In Defense of Food, Sustainability and Old World Tradition

  • There comes a time when you have to take a stand for a cause; and protecting food heritage seems like a pretty good cause and now seems like a really excellent time. There’s a silent war being waged on traditional and heritage foods around the world, in fact, on all food that is sustainable and readily available at the community level.With backroom deals like the ‘regulatory convergence’ and other TTIP nightmares hanging around our heads, it’s a good idea to start paying attention and taking a stand.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Bohemianmojo has been excited by research news from Duke University, North Carolina where a team led by Jennifer Groh have established that our eardrums coordinate with the direction our eyes are looking. Not earthshattering quantum stuff perhaps but confirmation, if confirmation were needed, that humans evolved as predators. Canine teeth and forward facing eyes already mark mankind out in that bracket.