POTATO (Purple)

Satisfyingly starchy, with a soft but firm fibrous texture; purple potatoes are probably my favorite kind of potato.

purple potatoesIf you’ve never had a purple potato, it’s worth hunting one down. Not only are they tasty, but also so beautiful with their purple and indigo hues.

Purple potatoes are originally from South America. There are a few different varieties, each with its own lovely shade of purple. My favorites are the Peruvian Purple. They have a striated purple interior with a deep purple outer skin and make a beautiful shade of lavender when creamed or mashed.

From a culinary perspective, purple potatoes, while delightful in color, are really much the same as regular potatoes so can be used anywhere that a potato can be used. 


That being said, the Peruvians are a little bit starchier with a similar texture to a sweet potato and actually make a great ingredient in baked goods as well. Purple potato muffins are delicious and eye catching.

potato muffinFrom a health perspective, the purple potato is an aesthetically pleasing, nutrient dense addition to your dietary repertoire. They have all the basic nutrients of a regular potato, high in potassium and fiber. But it’s the color density that gives them the extra health kick. The purple coloring signifies a high level of antioxidants; anthocyanins to be specific. The anthocyanin is a beneficial chemical compound that acts as a preventative measure against oxidative stress. This includes protecting against the development of different types of cancer and also diseases like heart disease, and autoimmune dysfunction. It is also the compound responsible for relieving the potential for muscle strain after a workout, which is especially true of potatoes due to their mineral content.