Tours and Retreats

collagemojomissionsWant to get in on the fun?

Join Bohemian Mojo on one of our Mojo Missions. More than just your average vacation, each and every mission is designed to initiate you into the secrets and skills of a simple, sustainable, soul enhancing lifestyle. 

Bohemian Mojo takes group missions three times a year. Each adventure has a particular theme of travel so make sure to keep an eye out for event announcements. Our next week long mission will be in October 2017 (exact dates to be announced very soon).


Travel with the Mojo team as we meet up with old and new Majicmakers; exploring the worlds of sustainable food, traditional craftsmanship, and old world living.  Forage, forest, hunt and gather, taste, touch, see, hear, smell, and feel the world in a whole new way as you reconnect with life, love and land.

Come roam the Golden Valley of Herefordshire and on to the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire in Wales or traverse the ancient Celtic kingdom of Cornwall and everywhere in between. Wherever there are majicmakers, you can bet Mojo will be heading that way.

castle ruins What kinds adventures happen on our missions? Well, first of all, if you’ve been reading our blogs then you know we get up to all kinds of shenanigans and meet all kinds of big-hearted people committed to sustainability and old world tradition. To keep things simple, missions tend to have a theme, so check back soon and see what the next upcoming theme will be. We try to mix a little of the old, with a little of the new, and add a touch of the sacred (places like Avebury, Stonehenge, Llanthony Priory...) to give you a full spectrum of experience for body, mind, and spirit.

What can you expect as the basic framework of each mission?

Missions come in all shapes and sizes, lasting anywhere from a half day to one day and even up to five days. The half and one- day missions are easy, we just meet in a designated location and begin our adventure, ending the day back at the same point.

For the missions that require overnight accommodations we have we personally made connection with B&B’s in various locations suitable to our destinations. Almost all of our accommodations are run by Majicmakers so you know there’s some good stuff going on.

peashoots andeggsEach day begins with a lovely organic, locally sourced breakfast and then the adventure continues through the day and into the evening meal. To make sure you get the most out of your days, we will also schedule quiet time, to reflect and take in the surroundings in your own way. Specific information will be provided with each mission, so you will know exactly what to expect before we set out.

Activities from past missions:

  • Talks and walks with wildlife experts; understanding wild game/fowl species and habits.
  • Sustainable animal husbandry and wild game tending
  • Activities with different culinary experts about game/fowl processing and preparation.
  • Edible and medicinal herb walks
  • Foraging for wild mushrooms and other edible forest delicacies
  • Fishing
  • Forest, garden, and field harvesting
  • Culinary and nutritional tips, tricks, and tools
  • Wine pairing and viniculture – featuring visits to organic and biodynamic vineyards.
  • Experiences created to enhance your taste and flavor spectrum

While there is really no way to identify every single activity possible, here’s a start to some of the things we’ve done and look forward to doing:


You’ll learn the basics of the art of to cast and hopefully how to catch. What sort of fly to choose and even how to tie your own. All while you explore and learn about the ecology of the trout streams and fresh water resources.


You’ll go out onto the beautiful ocean waters somewhere like Milford Haven with a local inshore fisherman. You’ll learn about the variety of catch available as well as what changes with the seasons. What could be better than fresh sea breezes, fair views and then eating your catch at the end of the day prepared by a master chef?


A day with an expert forager; you will learn the delights of wandering through a beautiful forest or countryside training your senses to spot wild edibles and while you learn how to avoid the dangers of forbidden fruits which could make you sick.

PRESERVING:  So you’ve found all this good stuff. How are you going to save the surplus of this bounty for out of season enjoyment?  We’ve got culinary wizards lined up to take you into their kitchens and show you the secret arts of jam, chutney and relishes, as well as, preserving game, fish, and fowl.


We’ll visit biodynamic and organic vineyards across the land; one like Parva Farm Vineyard, which is located on the slopes of the stunning Wye Valley with views of an ancient abbey ruin.  You’ll learn all about the backbreaking work and deep satisfaction in producing an award-winning vintage, and then spend some time developing your palate with some taste and flavor explorations designed to celebrate terroir and tradition.


Okay, you can’t eat wrought iron but the blacksmith’s art is one fundamental to human experience and development over millennia. We’ll take you to an historic forge in an idyllic Cotswold village where the smithies will show you the alchemical magic of working metal. 


Don your beekeepers suit and meet some bees first hand. Learn about waggle dancing and beards of bees, and most importantly how to protect and preserve our little buzzy buddies.


Sure, not everybody loves bugs, in fact, most people most certainly don’t. But did you know, if it weren’t for bugs and bees, most of our food source wouldn’t exist? Bugs help break down and enrich soil, they also serve as food for larger birds and mammals, not to mention the pollination that they participate in (it’s not only bees that pollinate).  You will get to visit a bug reserve and learn all about the fascinating life of a bug while enjoying the amazing countryside.

All things animal, vegetable, and mineral:


You’ll investigate everything from start to finish; hoof to plate, bottle, and closet. You’ll discover the value of preserving heritage breeds and participate in some animal husbandry practices that have been preserved and honored for hundreds of years. Lambing, calving, shearing, milking, cheese making, wool spinning, and more.


You’ll explore traditional farming practices and discover heritage produce and grains and learn why preserving them is so important. Learn about ancient grains, seeds, and vegetables from the land and even from the sea. We arrange everything from harvesting seaweed to milling your own heritage wheat to turn into delicious edibles to add to the bounty of our evening meal or peaceful lunch at one of the many sacred sites. 


The UK has some of the richest mineral extraction history in the world, dating back thousands of years. You will explore different mines and quarries across the landscape, investigating ancient practices and learning how communities rallied and thrived through the hardships of more modern day methods.

With some of the purist ocean waters off the coast of Cornwall’s, you will also discover the wonders of sea salt harvesting, trying your hand at traditional methods to produce the salt for your table.